10 Astonishingly Amazing Car Upgrades

Many car owners are looking for ways to modify their vehicles to make them more fun to drive. But not all modifications are created equal. If fun is what you’re looking for, discover CSA Wheels’ superior strength mag wheels.

A limited slip differential is a performance upgrade that can help your tires maintain grip by sending power to where it’s needed most. It can also reduce wear on your axles and tires. A kit can be purchased for less than $1,000.

1. LSD

Car manufacturers spend huge sums of money on tweaking a vehicle before it goes on sale. However, there are still plenty of people out there that want to liberate more power, improve handling or simply make their vehicle stand out.

If you’re after big gains that don’t cost the earth, an LSD is one of the best upgrades you can get for your car. This simple device will help your wheels keep gripping with the road, resulting in faster acceleration and better cornering.

Although not strictly a performance upgrade, backup cameras are one of the most important car modifications for safety-conscious drivers. This simple, affordable upgrade will ensure you always have a clear view of your vehicle behind you, especially when parking or driving in extreme weather conditions. This will help reduce the number of back-up accidents that occur.

2. Short-Throw Shifter

A short shift kit is a manual transmission car upgrade that significantly decreases the distance needed to move the gear lever from one gear to another. The resulting shorter shifting action is an appealing upgrade to many car enthusiasts who want a more responsive and spirited driving experience.

A short shifter is one of the cheapest and most common performance upgrades for cars with a manual transmission. It’s also fairly easy to install, which makes it a popular choice for those looking for a simple and effective boost in performance. However, the extra effort required to shift can be tiring for some drivers. Nevertheless, many car owners find the short shifter to be worth the extra work. The resulting more refined shift feel is a nice bonus for enthusiasts as well. A short-throw shifter can be a worthwhile modification for anyone that loves to drive.

3. Door Lock Covers

Door lock covers are designed to cover the lock and handle of your car’s door, serving both protective and decorative purposes. They can be found in tuning shops and online, with some even offering customization options for a more unique look.

Whether you’re in a cold climate or simply want to enjoy your ride more, remote start is one of the most useful upgrades for any driver. It allows your vehicle to fully warm up before you hop in, helping prevent engine issues and allowing your windows defrosters to get to work sooner. And, at just $150 to $400 total, it’s well within the range of most drivers.

4. Window Deflectors

The best car wind deflectors are a practical accessory that will add to your driving comfort. Also known as rain guards, they help you to keep windows cracked a little while you drive and avoid wind spray and noise. They are great for hot weather as well, letting fresh air in without the need to roll the windows up every time there’s a sudden shower.

These vent visors by WeatherTech are designed for your specific vehicle model and easily install in the window channel. They are tinted and reinforced with acrylic to resist shattering from rocks, debris, pebbles and other road debris. They are also UV-treated to protect against fading and discoloration.

Another excellent set of wind deflectors is this four-piece kit from Auto Ventshade. They are a bit more expensive than the WeatherTech ones but they look good enough that people will think your car came with them from the factory.

5. Car Door Light Projectors

Light projectors for your car doors can add a unique flair at night. These lights project a virtual line in front of your vehicle, making it easier for drivers to follow you when changing lanes or turning. They can also help you find your car in a parking lot at night.

These lights are designed to be an exact fit for OEM courtesy door lights and require no drilling or rewiring. They’re wireless and hook directly up to the door’s wiring, and are available in a variety of graphics. Show off your team pride or a custom logo whenever you open your door! This is a great way to make your four-wheeler stand out from the rest. They’re also great safety upgrades because they alert other drivers that you are exiting your vehicle, preventing small accidents.

6. Hubcaps or Wheel Covers

One of the most underrated upgrades for your car is a set of sleek, upgraded hubcaps. These stylish car accessories not only give your wheels a facelift, but they also help protect them from damage.

If you’re driving an older vehicle that still has steel wheels, this upgrade is a great way to upgrade your look while protecting your wheel hubs. Hub caps are made from tough plastic that resists corrosion and other environmental hazards.

These particular hub caps feature a 360 degree retention ring that really grips the steel wheel and stays put. They’re sized to fit 16-inch wheels and should work on many different vehicle makes and models. They’re available in a number of colors as well, so you can find the perfect fit for your car. They’re a great, affordable car upgrade that can help make your ride look brand new again.

7. Hood Ornament

Hood ornaments, also known as car mascots, are an automotive design element that adorns the hood of a vehicle. This stylish feature was popular during the early days of automobile production. The designs were highly creative and often featured a stylized figure. Examples include the ‘Goddess of Speed’ and a pelican.

Hood mascots were once the ultimate symbol of prestige and luxury. Today, they are mostly used by luxury automakers to give their vehicles an iconic look. They are also a great way to add some personality to your vehicle.

One of the few manufacturers that still fit hood ornaments is Rolls-Royce, which uses its ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ statue to adorn its cars. This elegantly winged lady was modeled after actress Eleanor Velasco Thornton. This is a good reminder of the times when cars could be big and flamboyant without having to adhere to all the safety regulations we have to today.

10. Lane Departure Alert

Lane departure warning (LDW) uses a camera to track your car’s trajectory, and it’s capable of identifying white lane markers and road divider lines. It will alert you if your car unintentionally crosses these markers and may also trigger a visual display and audible or haptic warnings such as vibrations in the steering wheel.

Some systems go further than simple lane departure monitoring and actively steer the car away from the edge of the lane. These are called lane keep assist systems and are available on cars such as the BMW 5 Series, Volvo V70, and XC70.

Lane departure warning is a great safety feature that can help drivers avoid accidents caused by unintentional lane changes. It can make your fleet safer and improve the driving experience for your employees. Contact iLink to learn more about our lane departure warning system and other safety products for your fleet.