11 Surprising Perks of Booking Humanitarian Airfare

People who work for, volunteer with, or are immediate family members of a nonprofit organization involved in international humanitarian travel qualify to book these special fares. These discounted tickets allow for one-way tickets, flexible change/cancellation policies, and increased baggage allowances.

Organizing affordable overseas flights can be a challenge. But there are agencies who specialize in booking these flights.

Free checked bags

If you’re flying humanitarian airfare, you may be eligible to receive free checked bags on your flight. This can be a huge benefit for those who have to travel with large amounts of supplies or equipment to their destinations.

Most contracted mission and humanitarian fares allow for a larger baggage allowance than standard online fares, making them a great choice for those who need to pack bulky items like medical supplies or school backpacks. Additionally, these fares often offer a flexible change/cancellation policy, which can be crucial for those who are traveling with a group or for last-minute trips.

In addition, a number of airlines offer waivers on certain fees, such as those for blind persons and cancer patients, which can further reduce the cost of your trip. Talk to your travel agent to see which options are available to you.

Free upgrades

While this isn’t always the case, sometimes airlines will upgrade those who qualify for humanitarian airfares. This typically includes international volunteers, professionals who work for nonprofit organizations focused on helping people or animals abroad and direct relatives of these field workers.

This is a big deal when you’re flying to a remote destination where there are no other flights or if the itinerary needs to change due to an emergency. It can also save you money on baggage fees as select carriers recognize that volunteers often travel with supplies and personal belongings. Travel agents that specialize in adoption and mission trips frequently book these types of itineraries, so they know how to find the best deals and help their clients get those upgrades when available! This makes the whole trip a lot less stressful for all involved.

Free changes

Those who qualify for humanitarian airfare can take advantage of flexible ticketing and cancellation policies with reduced airline penalties. Additionally, some airlines offer additional perks such as free baggage allowance.

Travel agents regularly manage itineraries for large groups of people going on international trips to perform volunteer work. They often negotiate deals with airlines to ensure that their clients get affordable, flexible tickets for overseas humanitarian flights.

Humanitarian fares are also offered to those with special needs, such as vision-impaired, mobility challenged or cancer patients. These fares come with extra benefits, like free changes, discounted or waived change fees and complimentary pre-assigned seating. Airlines recognize that volunteers frequently travel with supplies intended to stay at their destination and personal belongings so they offer these perks in addition to cheaper fares. This can result in significant savings for groups of travelers.

Free cancellations

Whether you’re a volunteer or simply the parent of an upcoming trip participant, if your family qualifies for humanitarian airfare, it could be worth exploring. These fares offer flexible change and cancellation policies (often at a lower fee than other fares), discounted baggage rates, and often pre-assigned seating options.

Humanitarian travel agents often gain first-hand travel experience to have an all-encompassing knowledge of the travel industry. This allows them to serve their clients well by finding the best flights that will fit their needs.

Many missionary and humanitarian contract fares allow date (and sometimes routing) changes for a flat fee, or even cancel for free (depending on the airline). This flexibility is particularly helpful if your plans change, especially if you are doing a visa run or a sabbath weekend at home. These perks make these tickets much more affordable than typical airfare prices.

Free in-flight entertainment

Whether you’re flying solo or with a group, airlines typically reserve a bucket of seats for Humanitarian travelers. These discounted rates are a great way to save money while still being able to travel to your mission destination.

Most of the time, these fares are much cheaper than regular published prices and offer more flexibility. For instance, most humanitarian airfares have more generous change/refund policies and a higher baggage allowance.

Additionally, some airlines even provide free in-flight entertainment options like TV shows, movies, and music on select flights. This is an amazing perk that can make long-haul flights more enjoyable, and it’s a great way to entertain kids on board! Check with your travel agency to see which airlines offer this. They should know which ones are the best and most up to date.

Free Wi-Fi

Airline fees for things like seats, luggage and Wi-Fi can add up quickly. That’s why it pays to find a flight that includes them all or at least provides options for keeping connected without extra charges.

Humanitarian air services are a lifeline for people affected by natural disasters and man-made crises. They bring supplies and staff to hard-to-reach locations where roads, ports and other transport are impassable.

For missionaries and humanitarians, these flights are critical to the success of their work. To help make these trips more affordable, many missions travel agencies offer specialized airfare contracts to airlines that provide additional flexibility and lower prices than standard fares. This helps keep costs down and allows more people to join humanitarian and missionary efforts. These fares are only available through a dedicated missionary travel agency. Contact one to learn more.

Free meals

Traveling on humanitarian airfare often includes additional benefits that are normally reserved for higher-tiered airline passengers. For example, select carriers offer to check additional baggage for free on these tickets, and you can often save by booking one-way tickets instead of round-trip.

Whether you’re traveling on an adoption trip or to build homes for refugees, these discounted fares are available to those who qualify. Your agent can help you prove your nonprofit affiliation and show you these fares that are typically not advertised on the airlines.

Traveling overseas can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding affordable flights. By partnering with a travel agency who specializes in humanitarian airfare, you can find great deals that will make your trips more enjoyable. This includes discounted airfares, flexible changes and cancellations, free checked bags, and priority seating.

Free priority boarding

Many airlines offer flexible fare options to those traveling for humanitarian reasons. These fares usually offer more flexible change and refund policies than standard tickets, and often waive additional baggage fees.

Humanitarian travel combines adventure and altruism by promoting world awareness while providing hands-on aid in local communities. It’s not only for NGOs and aid workers; it can also include adoption trips, missionary work, educational travel abroad, and school trips.

One perks of booking humanitarian airfare is priority boarding, which allows you to beat other economy cabin passengers onto the plane. This can be a lifesaver when your group is flying with bags that don’t fit into regular airline luggage limits. Moreover, it can save you time at the airport and help secure overhead space for your bag. Some agencies even handle entire trip logistics, allowing you to focus on your important mission and volunteer work.

Free baggage allowance

Depending on your specific project, you may need to travel with specialist equipment or supplies. A travel agency specializing in humanitarian trips can advise you on the best way to transport your items safely and efficiently.

Several airlines offer special baggage allowances for travelers with humanitarian trips in mind. For example, Sunwing allows additional bags for travelers associated with registered charitable organizations. However, there are restrictions on this policy, so it is important to speak with your agent before traveling.

Most mission and humanitarian airfares are flexible and can be changed or cancelled with reduced fees. Additionally, one-way tickets are normally available on these fares. This can help save your team money and time when planning an overseas trip. This flexibility is also useful in case plans change at the last minute.

Free Wi-Fi on board

The cost of airfare can be one of the most significant costs when planning a humanitarian trip. Humanitarian airfare is usually the lowest priced, most flexible ticket available and has proven to save non-profit organizations upwards of a third on their travel costs.

A travel agency that specializes in organizing trips for international humanitarian projects can help you find affordable flights that meet your needs and allow you to maximize the impact of your mission. They will also understand the logistics of traveling with a group and have a wealth of experience arranging humanitarian airfare.

Free Wi-Fi on board is another perk to consider when booking a humanitarian flight with select airlines. However, the amount of free data varies by airline, fare class and aircraft type so be sure to check ahead. Free Wi-Fi is also available for a nominal fee on Philippine Airlines flights.