Wedding Trends for 2023

Whether they’re opting for a sleek low pony or soft beachy waves, brides-to-be are complementing their bold wedding style with more natural hair.

Colorful, non-white cakes are also in vogue. Couples are choosing cakes that highlight their interests and personalities like this blue beauty for a music teacher and freelance drummer!

Keeping it Simple

A big trend in 2023 is couples opting to keep their weddings simple. With smaller guest lists and simpler ceremonies, couples can focus on their loved ones while still creating a dazzling wedding day. This is great news for venues that want to provide a more intimate experience and help their guests truly connect with one another.

Also, more couples are letting go of some old wedding traditions like garter and bouquet tosses. These traditions can feel dated and are oftentimes cliche. Plus, many brides are opting to make the cake cutting a more private and intimate moment for them and their guests or forgoing this tradition altogether.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a new and exciting way for bridal parties to show off their unique personalities. While some may think this is a little tricky to pull off, with the right guidance and style, it can be a fun and creative way to celebrate your girls without going overboard. Be sure to give your bridesmaids plenty of direction, whether it’s length, print or color palette and try to include an example of the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

Decorative bows are back in a big way for 2023 weddings. Whether in hair bows, bowties or as accents on decor, these whimsical additions can really add some drama and flair to a look.

Custom ice sculptures are making a comeback, but this time they’re being used as an element of the guest experience. Sculptures can be transformed into shot luges, dessert displays, raw bar (oysters are a top wedding food trend) or beverage dispensers to really add a wow factor to your reception. The key is to use them as a way to highlight your theme or love story.

Adding a Little Bit of Color

As brides veer away from white-on-white wedding cakes, they’re finding creative ways to incorporate fun, bold colors into their sweet treats and decor. The same trend has also been playing out with decorations—think brass or gold-themed accents, gilded mirrors, disco balls—which can be used as centerpieces, fancy drink cups, and more. With burnt orange wedding color schemes, it will definitely make your wedding unique and fun.

When it comes to color, the new wave of weddings are taking a cue from social media giant TikTok’s “drunk in love” photo trend. This blur-motion photography style nixes poses and highlights moments that capture the intoxicating joy of being in love, which makes it perfect for wedding photos that feel candid and authentic.

Other pops of color can be found on invitations, with many 2023 couples opting for bright floral designs or more muted tones that harken back to interior design concepts like Japandi and contemporary coastal styles. The color palettes are also being complemented with bleached greenery, metal accents and other textures to add depth and dimension.

While traditional paper and pen are still popular, other ways for guests to leave their well wishes for the newlyweds have been popping up, including voice messages recorded with old-fashioned telephones, greetings written on polaroid photos and wooden Jenga pieces (for that pair of lifelong board gamer who couldn’t imagine their lives without each other). This trend is likely to last as more couples embrace personalized keepsakes they can enjoy long after their big day.

Adding a Little Bit of Texture

Many couples are shedding the notion of what a wedding is supposed to look like and choosing to create a day that feels authentically them. This trend translates into a number of ways, from scouting more diverse vendors to delighting guests with unexpected entertainment and games.

Adding texture is also a popular way for brides to incorporate a bit of personality into their day. One way to do this is by mixing in a few modern elements like brass, gilded mirrors or even disco balls. Another option is to add a touch of softness through the use of lace and feathers. This can be done through the choice of a dress, veil or hairstyle or simply by using delicate materials for centerpieces and decor.

For those who aren’t quite ready to embrace the full floral trend, there is always a more low-key option: plants. This wedding trend isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also a beautiful alternative to flowers and gives your event an instantly romantic feel. You can also get creative with your plant decor by using it to make unique shapes, or even creating a terrarium.

Other textures that are gaining in popularity are those of a natural and rustic variety. From trailing greenery to bringing in herbs in one-of-a-kind containers to incorporating twigs and branches into your centerpieces, bringing in the outdoors is a popular way for couples to create a warm and inviting vibe. This wedding trend can be carried over to the bridal beauty style as well, with veils like Reem Acra’s whisper light blusher tulle adding a hint of color to a classic white gown.

Adding a Little Bit of Pattern

A little bit of pattern isn’t just for walls, it can also be incorporated into tabletop items like place settings. We’re seeing couples get creative with their wedding decor, putting pretty salt and pepper shakers in the center of each plate along with interesting flatware and high-end china. The result is a fun bold design element that lets guests know this event will be anything but ordinary.

Another way to add a touch of color is with florals, specifically those that look as if they came straight out of a wild meadow. This wedding flower trend isn’t just a great choice for couples looking to keep costs down, but it’s also a sustainable option since many flowers have to be imported from far away locations on a regular basis.

While the traditional white, green and gold wedding colors will still be a staple, we’re starting to see more couples opting for bolder shades such as black, bright blues and Pantone’s Viva Magenta. Using these bolder tones in small doses throughout the day creates a cohesive and eye-catching design that’s sure to impress your guests.

We’re also seeing more couples opting for a first look session before the ceremony instead of waiting to see each other down the aisle, which opens up the possibility of doing a romantic photo shoot with their family and friends as well. Couples can then use those photos as part of their wedding day timeline and decor.

Another way that couples are making their weddings more personal is by skipping the large bridal party and instead choosing to invite special people to give speeches at the rehearsal dinner, reading a poem during the ceremony or even giving a toast at the reception. Keeping the guest list smaller makes it easier to spend more time with the people you love, plus it helps cut down on potential awkward family dramas that can arise during the big day.