Fundamentals Of Lawn Care – Essentials To Remember

You might think that all you have to accomplish to keep your grass looking beautiful is mowing as well as water it, but you’ll find many different components to yard maintenance. Like every other plant, grass requires specific conditions to flourish, and ensuring your lawn is rich and even demands much more work than mowing and watering. Lawn maintenance does not need to be a headache, so long as you have a couple of things in mind.


In order to keep your grass healthy, grass must be mowed to approximately 3 inches high. The frequency of mowing is determined by how quickly grass grows. The lawn will develop a lot quicker in spring. Therefore you need to mow far more regularly, but in the summertime, the grass is slow-growing and requires much less mowing. Additionally, it is advisable to leave grass clippings in your yard after you’re done mowing instead of bagging them.

Grass clippings easily decompose as well as add nutrients to the earth along with supporting the grass hold on to water. Watering Grass also requires water to flourish, though you may not have to water as frequently as you think. Utilizing a sprinkler on the yard of yours for just a couple of minutes 3 times out of the week does not do very much for the lawn of yours. Start watering your lawn much more completely and less often. Watering infrequently and deeply promotes grassroots to grow much deeper into the earth to find water.

This might seem like a terrible thing, though you would like the lawn of yours to have the ability to remain green during times of excessive heat or maybe drought, and they require roots that are deep to do it. In the summer days, ensure and water at dawn or dusk so that the bath will sink into the ground and not evaporate.


When you walk on or perhaps mow the grass of yours, the dirt gets packed compacted or tight. Compact dirt makes it more difficult for water to deplete and for nutrients to enter the origins of the lawn of yours. Aerating the earth produces much better air circulation, drainage, and much more nutrient-rich soil. Aerating means introducing airflow into the dirt by striking holes in your grass approximately 3 in deep.

You should aerate your grass about the moment a year in spring when the lawn is growing. You are able to rent an aerating machine or even purchase an easy handheld aerating tool.


Even with aerating the soil of yours and replenishing nutrients with lawn clippings, the grass of yours may need an additional boost of nutrition to remain green and lush. You need to fertilize when the lawn is definitely growing. Gradual release nitrogen fertilizers are great for unique season grasses and may be used in the fall as well as in the spring. Natural fertilizers are also a great alternative to chemical fertilizers since they’re safe for pets and children.


Weeds aren’t only unattractive, though they are able to harm the lawn of yours by stealing nutrients your grass has to stay green. The most effective way to keep weeds at bay is by using a solution that kills existing weeds while simultaneously avoiding succeeding weeds from growing. You need to ensure unwanted weeds before they go to seed.

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