An Insider’s Guide to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom recently discussed his relationship with Katy Perry in an in-depth interview, detailing some of the challenges they are currently experiencing together as “baby mama and life partner”.

Since their In-N-Out meeting and subsequent engagement, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship has taken an exciting new turn. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Their Engagement

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom first met at a Golden Globes after-party and began dating shortly thereafter, eventually becoming on-and-off partners before making up in January 2016. Once back together again though, things appeared more serious as soon after starting out they could be seen snuggling closely in bed just weeks after starting up again, sharing PDA-filled vacation photos from Italy beach getaways to Coachella music festivals proving they were serious about each other as a couple.

On Valentine’s Day, Bloom made his move. With a photo showing both of them huddled under a sea of red heart-shaped balloons and Perry wearing her nontraditional engagement ring tagged as “full bloom”, Bloom made an official proposal.

In 2016, they brought their romantic attraction to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles during the holiday season in disguise as Santa and Mrs. Claus to spread some cheer to young patients. Later that year, the pair gave back even further when they joined other celebrities in feeding homeless individuals at an LA shelter. When Perry started her Las Vegas residency that year with Bloom alongside other celebs he stood by her side to support her (even helping unzip her corset during performances!) However, life wasn’t all sunshine between the couple: in September Bloom opened up about living together to Paper magazine about what can be challenging;

Their Son Flynn

As is only natural, “American Idol” judge and her actor fiance share a child. Orlando Bloom had previously married Miranda Kerr; therefore they have 12-year-old Flynn Bloom from their previous union together. On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” singer Lauren Conrad shared that being step-mom to Flynn has deepened her maturity as an individual.

Katy and Orlando have been a couple since first meeting in 2016. Although the couple took a brief hiatus in 2016, they resumed dating by February 2018 after taking romantic trips together and PDA-filled getaways. On Valentine’s Day 2019, Orlando proposed. Their wedding plans had to be postponed due to coronavirus pandemic. But eventually, in 2021 they finally tied the knot!

Their relationship has seen highs and lows – such as those now-famous nude paddleboarding photos from Italy in 2016. But no matter what comes their way, it is evident they always support one another no matter the outcome – in fact, singer of “Swish Swish”, Liv Warfield recently told everyone she met that her fiancee is one of the kindest individuals ever met! Click through our gallery below to witness some of their most memorable moments together!

Their Relationship

Celebrity relationships maintain an intensely private relationship, but they occasionally give us glimpses into their family life. Orlando shared online video clips showing him and Katy decorating Daisy’s room during the Covid-19 pandemic; Katy called him “daddy of the year”. Additionally, on Ellen Degeneres Show they publicly discussed their parenting journey; Katy revealed she needed to adjust her own routine so as to meet Orlando’s schedule – becoming more morning person as part of this journey.

While they focus on being parents, the two have also found time for romantic date nights together and enjoy In-N-Out burgers as part of that experience. They’ve attended events such as Game Night premiere and The Creators Party pre-GRAMMYs celebration together.

And they aren’t afraid of getting silly together – a famous paparazzi photo from their Italian vacation in 2016 shows Orlando paddleboarding completely naked while his partner remains completely unaffected by this spectacle. Bloom recently told Flaunt that Perry is his fiancee and baby mama; in turn she supports both him and his career endeavors. Bloom added that work can often be demanding physically and mentally so pushing himself further physically and mentally is key in order to create his best possible work product.

Their Breakup

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry may not have followed the typical Hollywood romance script, yet their relationship has always remained surprising normal. Both parties have always expressed their affection openly — whether through adorable Instagram posts or interviews.

They began dating shortly after meeting at a Golden Globes after-party in 2016, and quickly became the focus of multiple sightings over subsequent months, being described by reports as being very “flirty.”

In August 2016, Orlando and Jessica took a romantic vacation to Italy where paparazzi caught them paddleboarding while Orlando completely nudified himself – images which went viral online but didn’t seem bother either of them much.

Before this year was out, they could be found enjoying Ed Sheeran’s concert together in Los Angeles and Coachella music festival shortly thereafter, showing plenty of PDA.

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O Show, singer/actress Taylor Swift opened up about her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom. She shared that their breakup happened after months of an on/off romance, but later decided to reconcile due to how wonderful Bloom is as a father for their son Flynn.

Their Engagement Reconciliation

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry share an affinity for traveling together, enjoying paddleboarding adventures (with Bloom going completely nude on one trip) in Italy as well as romantic trips like Turkey together. Both personalities take pleasure in sharing photos from these vacations on social media.

Katy and Orlando went all out when it came to Halloween costumes in 2016: Katy dressed as Hillary Clinton while Orlando donned his Donald Trump and Bill Clinton looks. Sharing this costume with their friends, Bloom even rented a fake Donald Trump head in order to fit right in with his counterparts.

Travel and flirty social media posts led to speculation of an engagement, though neither party confirmed or denied it until Valentine’s Day 2019 when Bloom shocked Perry by proposing with a flower-shaped ring and made their relationship official with their first child, Daisy Dove Bloom.

Though their schedules may be demanding, this happy couple still finds time for each other, such as attending events on behalf of UNICEF where they serve as Goodwill Global Ambassadors. Their bond was further cemented when they traveled together to Africa to assist in combatting Ebola. Soon thereafter they returned back home for a gala benefitting HIV/AIDS research.

Their Engagement Announcement

Soon after Perry and Bloom started dating, Perry was quick to show her excitement by flaunting him online. In one Instagram post, she extolled his virtues as “God’s best gift ever given me.”

At various points throughout 2018, this couple continued to fuel speculation of their romance through adorable outings. Attending The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey together, they also took photos backstage together after each show!

The pair then traveled to Europe where they spent an extensive amount of time in Sardinia. Here, they took those now-famous nude paddleboard pics set against its breathtaking landscapes – not forgetting taking some adorable family photo opps with little One on board their jet ski ride! She made sure she also gave Little One some love by taking her for rides out on the water in one.

Near the end of summer, they stepped out for several red carpet events as a couple. At one such event, singer, 38, asked her 46-year-old actor fiance to unzip her corset onstage; in response he gave a playful peck on her shoulder before returning back to his seat – making their official first PDA-filled appearance since their engagement.

Their Wedding

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Bloom presented Perry with a flower-shaped engagement ring and announced their special moment to the world.

Soon thereafter, they started spending lots of time together – traveling to places such as Italy and Turkey and taking numerous photos on beaches or hotel rooms. One key outing included supporting amfAR Gala by auctioning off a date night with them!

In March 2020, they revealed their pregnancy. Daisy Dove Bloom arrived to join their family in August 2021.

Since their engagement, the couple have become regular fixtures in public life. They’ve made appearances together at award shows and charity events; even playing a hilarious Pie Face Showdown game with children at a hospital!

But Katy and Orlando appear to still be deeply in love despite all of its trials and tribulations; evidenced by several PDA-filled photos like one showing them paddleboarding nudist style or attending Ed Sheeran photoshoots.